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What to Consider Before Committing to an Exercise Routine

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What to Consider Before Committing to an Exercise Routine

So far this year, you are crushing it with your fitness resolutions! You decided to jump right in and go full force towards a lifestyle of strength training and exercise. But why do so many fitness resolutions in the new year tend to drop off before Valentine's day? While it may seem invigorating to jump into a rigorous routine and wait for your desired results, you may actually be setting yourself up for failure. In order to achieve lasting success, you should take the time to give your regimen some thought.


Finding a fitness program that is tailored to your needs is vital in determining if it will have staying power. Start slowly and be patient as you work your way up to a more intense exercise program and make sure it works with your schedule before going all in. It is important that exercise is manageable in your lifestyle so it doesn't end up getting pushed aside due to constant conflicts. Otherwise, your exercise routine will be a burden on your day, causing the stress that it is supposed to alleviate. Before starting a new workout schedule, take some time to consider the following things so you can be prepared: 

Your Starting Point

Don't assume that your body is ready to take on a rigorous exercise if you haven't hit the gym in months. Find out your physical limits before you start, so you can ease into a workout schedule without causing harm to your body. Have a thorough health check done to check for any underlying conditions that you may not be aware of. If you overestimate what you can do in the beginning, you are likely to lose motivation and possibly make preexisting health conditions worse. 

Starting an exercise that you have never done before with too much intensity will not benefit your body. While starting slow may feel tedious, but it is an important part of helping your body adjust to the physical movements. If you push yourself too hard in the beginning, you are easily setting yourself up for injury and frustration.


It is important to find the right fit. This has to be something tolerable that you are willing to continue to do on a regular basis. Start at minimum skill level in order to make your progression smoother. Your muscles and organs will begin to adapt to your new routine, and you will soon find yourself being able to increase the intensity.

Your Reasons

Are you signing up for the newest spin class because it seems to be the new trend? Just because certain forms of exercise come and go in popularity, it doesn't mean that they are right for you. Don't compare your exercise routine to that of others, as it is not setting you up for personal success. Your exercise should only be about your body.

Find something that you enjoy doing that will help you achieve your goals. Doing something that you are passionate about will be able to create the motivation that you need to continue with your exercise schedule. It will make it easier to find the self-discipline that you need to complete your goals.

After all is said and done, you won't helping yourself if you do not enjoy your fitness routine. Trying to power through workouts that make you miserable will just make you want to quit. There are many different ways to exercise, so don't force yourself into doing one specific thing that you dread. 

Everyone has their own exercise preferences. Finding out what makes you happy and gives you a sense of accomplishment will help you find a routine with staying power. Choose a fitness plan that is based on things you like. For example, if you love to make friends and be social, finding a Zumba class that you enjoy may be the right trick for you. 

Your Goals

Create clear goals and assign workouts to yourself that will ensure that those goals are met. Every workout that you do should have a clear goal. When you have a vision of your goals, you should not choose to sidetrack by doing other routines that are not relevant to your objective. 

For example, if your goal is to increase your stamina, but you are doing an exercise routine that is focused on building muscle, you are not working towards your goal. You do not want to waste your time with exercises that are not meaningful to you. 

If you are not sure what your goals are, write down some physical desires you wish to achieve and a date by which you would like to see results. For example, maybe you want to lose 10 pounds in 6 weeks. Have a meeting with an expert to find out how this can realistically happen.

Your Schedule

Of course you wish you had hours each day to dedicate to working on your body, however you likely have other life commitments. Between work and home obligations, your window of time to fit in some exercise may be pretty small. Try not to overestimate how much time you have to dedicate to exercising, as this can set you up to start making excuses.

Your workouts will only be a priority if they can realistically fit into your schedule. Analyze your schedule to see exactly how much free time you can put aside. If you can only find 45 minutes three times per week, you need to schedule your routine around that time. 

The Expense

Gym memberships and Zumba classes all cost money, along with the equipment and new wardrobe you may need to purchase. Committing yourself to an exercise schedule won't just take time and energy, it will likely take money. Before you sign up for a personal trainer or for a series of classes, make sure it is in your budget.

Consider any gear that you will need, along with startup costs and monthly costs. If you really want to get involved with something expensive such as SoulCycle, but it is not in your budget, consider a less expensive workout like the cardio machines at the gym. 


About the Author

Dave Mugavero is the owner of Custom Bodies Fitness in Irvine, California. He is extremely proud of his success as the top rated health club in Orange County. Dave has been in the fitness industry for over 24 years, and is widely considered by his peers to be a “Weight Loss Guru”. His extensive knowledge of nutrition, human physiology, personal training and weight loss techniques, and his caring commitment to each client are what make him an expert in his field. He has been a top ranked Natural Body Builder and highly sought after personal trainer and lecturer. 

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