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Break Into a Healthy Exercise Habit

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Break Into a Healthy Exercise Habit

A healthy diet is an important component in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but regular exercise may be the key to living a long healthy life.

Everyone knows that exercise is important. But many people struggle with consistently fitting it into their daily routine. Starting and stopping a workout program is not going to cut it when it comes to improving your overall health. You must make a commitment to exercise regularly throughout your life. It should be part of your daily routine that just naturally becomes a habit (think brushing your teeth).

Forming a new habit

A habit (good or bad) is something you do without thinking. It's definitely not something you squeeze in when you have the time or something you come up with excuses to skip now and then. You probably won't ever hear someone say they were going to bite their nails this morning, but they overslept.

Most habits are pick up unconsciously as we go about our daily lives, but it's possible to consciously form a new habit through repetition and routine.

Do it again and again


We get up when out alarm goes off, take a shower, eat breakfast, brush our teeth and leave for work. We repeat these small tasks day after day, and for most people, there's not a whole lot of thought or planning to it. That's because after years of repetition, these things have become small habits that are part of our daily routine.

To make exercise one of those habits, we need to treat it just like any other task that we consider critical to our daily routine.

When can you realistically workout?

The first thing to do is decide on a time of day for exercising, as this could impact where you are able to exercise and what type of exercise you'll be able to do.

For example, if you know you'll have more time in the morning but need to be home to get the kids up for school, going to the gym wouldn't be a good option. Instead, opt for an hour of yoga at home, or invest in a treadmill or other home equipment so you can check your workout off your to-do list first thing in the morning.

Where’s the best location?

If you're able to schedule your workout for a time of day that allows you to be out of the house, it's still important to consider where your workout will take place. Try to make it a convenient location, such as near your work or home. That way you'll limit the amount of excuses you make for not getting there.

What’s your preferred workout?

Choosing the type of activity you'll do for your daily workout is one of the most critical components to creating a habit. If you try something new and don't like it, give it a week or two before giving up. But if you still dread it, move on to something else.

Don't be discouraged if this happens a few times. Eventually you'll find what works for you, and once you do, you'll know it right away.

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Dave Mugavero is the owner of Custom Bodies Fitness in Irvine, California. He is extremely proud of his success as the top rated health club in Orange County. Dave has been in the fitness industry for over 24 years, and is widely considered by his peers to be a “Weight Loss Guru”. His extensive knowledge of nutrition, human physiology, personal training and weight loss techniques, and his caring commitment to each client are what make him an expert in his field. He has been a top ranked Natural Body Builder and highly sought after personal trainer and lecturer.

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